GPR75The World's First Cryo-EM Structure of The Promising
Anti-Obesity Target
Is Published by ShuimuCryo-EM complex structure of active GPR75 with a nanobody
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A Powerful Cryo-EM Platform for Efficient Drug Discovery

Realizing fast & economical lead discovery requires accurate structures of biomolecules. Shuimu cryo-EM platform is built with top-notch structure determination capability to meet your needs.

Cryo-EM structure of DNA polymerase θ helicase domain in complex with inhibitor novobiocin

About us

A Discovery Platform for Next-Gen Drug Innovations.

We are a team of experienced scientists from structural biology, protein science and computational chemistry fields, equipped with the best cryo-EMs and computing hardwares. Our cryo-EM platform is built to help you achieve rational drug design targeting proteins resistant to X-ray crystallography, such as membrane proteins.
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Why choose us?

Why Choose Shuimu?

Global Leadership

As the first commercial cryo-EM platform in the Asia-Pacific and now the largest worldwide, Shuimu brings a global perspective to the forefront of drug development.

Unmatched Expertise

Our team comprises top talents with diverse backgrounds in structural biology, machine learning, protein science, and drug chemistry, ensuring a holistic approach to innovation.

Technological Excellence

Equipped with the latest 300kV TEM, BioQuantum GIF, K3 camera, and advanced cryo-EM specs, we guarantee unparalleled precision and efficiency in our projects.
Superior 300kv cryo-EM
Single Particle Projects
Structures better than 3.5Å
Highest Resolution Obtained
Smallest Protein analyzed

What we can do for you?

One-Stop Solutions for Cryo-EM-Powered
Drug Discovery

Cryo-EM Nanoparticle CharacterizationRevealing nanoparticle morphology with advanced Cryo-EM techniques.
Cryo-EM Data CollectionUtilizing cutting-edge Cryo-EM tech for high-res imaging data, ensuring precise structural details across diverse biological specimens.
Cryo-EM Structure DeterminationDetermine structure of biomacromolecules frozen in vitreous ice at their near-native states.
X-Ray CrystallographyA potent tool for deciphering atomic arrangements and crystallographic parameters in various materials.
GraFuture™A series of self-innovated graphene grid products for better reproducibility and efficiency of cryo-EM sample preparation.
Protein ProductionProduce proteins for high resolution structure, from macro-molecules to diverse membrane proteins.
Biophysical AssayEmploying varied methods to analyze biomolecule properties, offering insights into their structure and functionality.

What cases have we done?

Structures Solved by Shuimu

Our platform has delivered high-quality cryo-EM and microED structures to over 400 clients since 2017.


Together We Made Great Discoveries.



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Founded in 2017, Shuimu BioSciences aims to bring the power of cryo-EM to innovative therapeutics developers.


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