unlocking high-resolution structures
for challenging compounds

Small Molecule Analysis

MicroED is a cutting-edge technique enabling the determination of high-resolution structures from micro and nanocrystals, particularly well-suited for organic compounds. Shuimu BioSciences excels in delivering precise structural insights for small molecule samples, peptides, and protein crystals using MicroED.
CryoEM at Shuimu CryoEM Center


MicroED Flow

We are capable of delivering high-resolution structures for challenging small molecule samples, peptide and protein crystals using microED. See the sample preparation below.MicroED Flow

Why using microED?

Why choose us?

Shuimu MicroED Advantages

GraFuture™ GO from Shuimu Biosciences

Versatile Application

High-resolution structures for challenging small molecules, peptides and macromolecular samples
GraFuture™ RGO from Shuimu Biosciences

Cutting Edge Team

A team of PhD scientists from the top institutions, expertised in cryo-EM and microED

Resolution Pursuit

Delivered 80+% of MicroED projects with resolution at 0.6~1.0Å

What cases have we done?

Structures Solved by Shuimu

Our platform has delivered high-quality cryo-EM and microED structures to over 400 clients since 2017.


Shuimu Technology

We've developed unique tool kits to excel in Cryo-EM structure determination.

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Founded in 2017, Shuimu BioSciences aims to bring the power of cryo-EM to innovative therapeutics developers.


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