Small Molecule Analysis

MicroED is a powerful technique to determine high-resolution structures from very thin micro and nanocrystals, especially suitable for the structures of organic compounds. At Shuimu, we are capable of delivering high-resolution structures for challenging small molecule samples, peptide and protein crystals using microED.



Why using microED?

  • A powerful tool in resolve small molecule structures

  • Reduced requirement for large crystals

  • High or ultrahigh resolution for small molecules

  • Higher speed in structure determination

  • Lower costs in structure determination


Structures Solved by Shuimu

Our platform has delivered high-quality cryo-EM and microED structures to over 200 clients since 2017.

Versatile Application

High-resolution structures for challenging small molecules, peptides and macromolecular samples

Cutting Edge Team

A team of PhD scientists from the top institutions, expertised in cryo-EM and microED

Resolution Pursuit

Delivered 80+% of MicroED projects with resolution at 0.6~1.0Å

Shuimu MicroED Advantages

Shuimu Technology

We've developed unique tookits to excel in
cryo-EM structure determination.


Benefiting from the original eTasED software, Shuimu can apply microED technique to a conventional cryo-EM system without any modification.