Shuimu mainly employs three expression systems (bacteria, insect, and mammalian cells) to prepare quality target proteins, especially challenging ones such as membrane proteins and large protein complexes. We are also experienced in producing a comprehensive suite of recombinant proteins, such as enzymes, kinases, transcription factors, immunity-related proteins, and epigenetic proteins.


Gene Synthesis

Deep learning supported expression construct design

- E. coli Expression System
- Insect Cell Expression System
- Mammalian Cell Expression System
- Natural protein from specific tissue

- Affinity chromatography
- Density gradient centrifugation
- Ion Exchange chromatography
- Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography
- Size Exclusion chromatography

- Protein purity and homogeneity- SDS-PAGE, BN-PAGE, HPLC,etc.
- Protein verification and modification - mass spectrometry, etc.
- Protein/protein or protein/molecules binding analysis: SPR, BLI, MST, ITC,etc.

Profound Membrane Protein Experience

Profoundly experienced in membrane protein (GPCR, ion channel & transporter sequence) production and purification method design

Flexible Collaboration

Flexible scale-up protein production, competitive pricing and fast turnaround time to accommodate various needs

Vigorous Quality Control

Protein QC based on rigorous cryo-EM analysis and characterization, ensuring the sample meets the R&D requirements

Shuimu Protein Production Advantages

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