Protein Production

Shuimu primarily employs three expression systems (bacteria, insect, and mammalian cells) to prepare high-quality target proteins, focusing on challenging proteins like membrane proteins and large protein complexes. Our expertise extends to the production of various recombinant proteins, including enzymes, kinases, transcription factors, immunity-related proteins, and epigenetic proteins.


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Why choose us?

Shuimu Protein Production Advantages

Profound Membrane Protein Experience

Profoundly experienced in membrane protein (GPCR, ion channel & transporter sequence) production and purification method design

Flexible Collaboration

Flexible scale-up protein production, competitive pricing and fast turnaround time to accommodate various needs

Vigorous Quality Control

Protein QC based on rigorous cryo-EM analysis and characterization, ensuring the sample meets the R&D requirements

What cases have we done?

Structures Solved by Shuimu

Our platform has delivered high-quality cryo-EM and microED structures to over 400 clients since 2017.

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Founded in 2017, Shuimu BioSciences aims to bring the power of cryo-EM to innovative therapeutics developers.


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