Tomography in Structural Biology:
Unveiling 3D Wonders

brief introduction

Structural biology, at the crossroads of biology and imaging sciences, leverages the transformative power of tomography to decode the intricate world of biomolecular structures.

Principles of

Tomography, using X-rays, electrons, or cryogenic techniques, involves imaging specimens from multiple angles to create detailed three-dimensional reconstructions.

Applications of

  • Ideal for larger structures like cells and tissues.


  • High-resolution technique for nanoscale structures.
  • Utilizes electron beams and provides detailed insights.


  • Advanced method preserving specimens at low temperatures.
  • Valuable for studying dynamic cellular processes.

Applications of

Tomography has far-reaching applications in structural biology, offering unprecedented insights into various realms

Cellular Organelles

  • Reveals the dynamics of organelles like the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria

Macromolecular Complexes

  • Critical for understanding large molecular complexes, aiding drug design

Pathogen-Host Interactions

  • Unveils the intricacies of infectious diseases and informs therapeutic strategies


  • Provides detailed views of neural structures, contributing to neuroscience breakthroughs
While tomography transforms structural biology, challenges persist, such as the need for advanced tools and radiation concerns. Shuimu BioScience, at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, sees tomography's potential. Dedicated to progress, we aim to bridge the gap between scientific exploration and industrial applications, turning tomography from a research challenge into a practical solution.

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