A Discovery Platform for Next-Gen Drug Innovations.

Shuimu BioSciences Ltd. was founded in 2017 in Beijing, China to bring the power of cryo-EM to innovative therapeutics developers. Led by top experts in structrual biology, biochemistry, microscopy and computation, Shuimu is capable of providing the one-stop solutions for structure-based drug design, including cryo-EM structure determination, protein production, lead discovery and CADD.

Better Accessibility

With two 300kV TEMs at full load and three more to be commissioned in 2022, We are expanding capacity to make cryo-EM more accessible to our partners around the world.

Competent Team & Techs

We invest in the top cryo-EM experts and innovative technologies to deliver quality cryo-EM projects and realize better applicability of the technique to various protein targets.

One-Stop Capability

Our platform consists of powerful cryo-EM data collection centers and an in-house protein production laboratory, capable of providing one-stop solutions for sequence to structure projects.

CoFounders: CEO, Allen Chunlong Guo (left), Chair of Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Hongwei Wang (right)

Our Presence

Since 2017, we've been expanding to multiple locations to better serve our clients.


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Shuimu is a place for innovators and
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