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Single Particle Analysis

Single Particle Analysis (SPA) is a crucial cryo-EM structure determination technique that aids in determining hard-to-crystallize proteins in near-native states. By freezing biomacromolecule samples in vitreous ice, SPA provides high-resolution 3D structures of macromolecules, allowing structural characterization of small molecules with target proteins in drug discovery, antibody and antigen interaction studies, and more.


Cryo-EM SPA Application


Cryo-EM SPA Workflow

Why Choose Cryo-EM SPA?

Why choose us?

Shuimu Cryo-EM SPA Advantages

Advanced Cryo-EM Facility

The highest specs microscopes & advanced computing platform for high-quality structure determination

Cutting Edge Scientist Team

A team of PhD scientists from the top institutions, expertised in structural biology, protein science and computation

Profound Experience

200+ cryo-EM projects experience, from membrane proteins to antigen-antibody complexes

Resolution Pursuit

150+ protein structures determined at resolution better than 3.5Å: the best at 1.8Å and the smallest being 51kDA

What cases have we done?

Structures Solved by Shuimu

Our platform has delivered high-quality cryo-EM and microED structures to over 400 clients since 2017.

key milestones

Important Events

Over 150 protein structures resolved at exceptional resolutions better than 3.5Å, showcasing our commitment to precision and accuracy in structural determination.
Extensive Project Portfolio Successfully completed 300+ Single Particle Projects, demonstrating our proficiency and versatility in addressing diverse structural challenges.
Accomplished the structural elucidation of proteins as small as 51kDa, showcasing our expertise in handling a wide range of molecular sizes.
Pushing Boundaries Attained the highest resolution of 1.5Å, reflecting our dedication to pushing the boundaries of Cryo-EM technology.


Shuimu Technology

We've developed unique tool kits to excel in Cryo-EM structure determination.


Overcoming cryo-EM sample preparation challenges with reduced graphene oxide grids.


Developing a differentiable neural network-based method for 3D atomic model identification.

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Founded in 2017, Shuimu BioSciences aims to bring the power of cryo-EM to innovative therapeutics developers.


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