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We've developed unique tookits to excel in cryo-EM structure determination.

structure modeling with deep neutral network

Integrated Computational Platform for cryoEM

The SMART software series, developed by Shuimu BioSciences, is the only tool platform in the industry that comprehensively covers the entire process of cryoEM data computation.The six modules of SMART comprehensively support the operation and maintenance of our cryoEM platform:


DataSMART, an advanced AI-driven cryoEM system, offers user-friendly operation and efficient data gathering. Users can quickly configure parameters, manage microscope functions, and automatically save data, streamlining the collection process for enhanced efficiency.


CryoSMART, a cryoEM reconstruction software, boosts structural analysis efficiency for rapid large-scale structure resolution. It ensures secure data storage from raw microscope data to the final structure data on internal servers.


ModelSMART, an AI-driven tool for cryoEM density maps, efficiently transforms data into atomic structure models, enhancing protein resolution. Users upload density maps and sequence data, monitor real-time progress, and view/download final results within the system.


ImageSMART is a new real-time electron microscope display system with intuitive remote presentation and analysis capabilities. It not only displays captured images in real-time but also showcases those processed and analyzed through motionCor2 and CTF.


NanoSMART, an AI cryoEM system, automatically identifies nanoparticle features in images from various electron microscopes. It generates masks and size distribution data based on specific criteria. With one click, users receive a comprehensive report, and the system optimizes recognition by enhancing clarity in lower quality images.


TimeSMART is an efficient hourly reservation system for electron microscopy labs, simplifying scheduling with an intuitive interface. Users and administrators can view real-time reservations, optimizing resource utilization.
Leveraging numerous AI deep learning algorithms, the SMART platform significantly improves the efficiency of the entire cryoEM data analysis process, generating models with higher resolution using fewer machine hours and data.

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Founded in 2017, Shuimu BioSciences aims to bring the power of cryo-EM to innovative therapeutics developers.


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